Saturday, 23 May 2015

Tips On Choosing a Battery For Your Golf Cart

Golf carts require the same kind of maintenance as your regular car, and occasionally, replacement parts may be needed.  When shopping around keep in mind these tips on choosing a battery for your golf cart.

1.   Choose a Battery With a Long Life Cycle.

Because golf carts are completely electric vehicles, find one that can handle being charged and discharged as many times as possible before needing to be replaced. In addition to the life cycle, the range it can travel before requiring a charge is also important information to avoid getting stranded.

2.   Be Aware of What Specifications You Need

Not every model uses the same battery, so be sure to know what size, voltage, and other specifications are relevant to the make of your golf cart. You may also want to consider how the weight of your battery will affect the cart. Be sure to look into how much your vehicle requires when shopping around. You can determine the number of volts by counting the number of caps on the top of the battery and multiplying by two. For example, four caps on the top means the battery is 8 volts.

3.   Understand the Maintenance You May Need

Be aware of what kind of service your battery will need to keep running smoothly.  Water consumption is a major factor, and it’s important to understand the requirements of your vehicle.
Your individual needs will vary when looking for a new battery. Be sure to balance your initial costs with the overall costs you may accrue in the future. Talking to an expert about what your battery can do for you will help get you on the move. Visit this website for more information on golf cart batteries in San Diego.

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